(June 15, 2023) Summer is a fantastic time to step away from the chaos of everyday life and retreat to a place for respite and renewal, resulting in stronger relationships with God, family, and others.  We invite you to come out to the Lodestar Mountain Inn for a visit.  Whether for a private getaway with your spouse, to attend one of our many retreat weekends, or to serve and help us get ready for the second class of OneLife Institute students, we would love to see you at the Lodestar Mountain Inn in the beautiful Smoke Hole Canyon in Upper Tract, West Virginia. 

During the warmer months, the Smoke Hole Canyon is alive and active, and there are no words nor pictures that can truly do it justice.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but experiencing it for yourself is worth much, much more!  Come and watch the morning fog drift through the canyon; listen to the gentle rush of the river; explore the mountainside as you hike the property; gaze upon a breathtaking night sky, unobscured by light pollution;  and experience the warm hospitality, charming accommodations, stunning views, and spiritually uplifting atmosphere at the inn. 

To learn more about opportunities to visit, check out our events page or contact Scott Wenger at scott@lodestarmountaininn.com.