About the
Lodestar Mountain Inn

Our Story

God’s faithfulness and provision

“We’ve experienced a miracle of God!”
-Steve Wingfield


Divine Blessing

At the Lodestar Mountain Inn, God’s faithfulness and provision can be seen in miraculous fashion.  At the end of 2015, a divine sequence of events led good friends of the ministry to donate the purchase price for 524 acres of land in Upper Tract, WV; the future site of the Lodestar Mountain Inn.

One year later, God showed His provision for this property as He aligned the paths of Steve and Brandon Traylor, a contractor who specializes in stonemasonry, among many other things.  Through Brandon’s talents and his relationship with Steve, the Lodestar Mountain Inn took form. It continues to expand on this sacred ground.

Through the wonderful support of many in the form of prayer, resources, and financial donations, we have made multiple renovations to the property. We are humbled by this outpouring of support and generosity and thank God for those who have caught the vision of the Lodestar Mountain Inn.