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Lodestar Mountain Inn

Our Heart

The Lord’s Calling

The Lodestar Mountain Inn is a place of healing, rest, and relaxation.  It is a place to cast off the cares of the world and connect with God in His majesty.  Our focus for ministry includes pastors, veterans, and first responders, with an intent to provide low-cost to no-cost experiences through sponsorships and donations.

It is imperative that the Lodestar Mountain Inn function as God designed it: to save the lost, train up the Church, and care for the wounded and scarred.  Statistics surrounding these factors are shocking and action must be taken immediately.  We need your help now.

Upcoming Events

(January 22, 2022) Prayerfully consider joining us for one of the many great events happening at the Lodestar Mountain Inn in the coming weeks and months. Pastors Retreat - February 22-24, 2022Bed...

Pastors Retreat

(January 8, 2022) The Lodestar Mountain Inn was created to be a place of refuge from a, sometimes, cruel and unforgiving world; a place of solace where one can retreat to become rejuvenated and...

Celebrate Christmas

The Lodestar Mountain Inn is dedicated to being a place of healing, hope, encouragement, rest, and recovery.  We are humbled and grateful that the Lord would allow us to be the shepherds of His...

Blessed Beyond Measure

(December 8, 2021) The Lord has blessed us beyond measure at the Lodestar Mountain Inn.  He has graciously commissioned us to shepherd this wonderful property and all of the Christ-centered...

A Time Such as This

(November 1, 2021) On Saturday, October 16, 2021, we ushered in a new beginning - the official grand opening of the Lodestar Mountain Inn.  What was once a blank canvas blanketed by the natural...

Dedication Service

(October 20, 2021) The staff and volunteers of the Lodestar Mountain Inn were truly blessed by the outpouring of support by our friends and family on Saturday, October 16, 2021. In spite of rainy...


The story of the Lodestar Mountain Inn is one of blessing and provision. Today, the inn is a solace for those in need of spiritual rest.


The inn hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including retreats, Lodestar Guidance training, and more.

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The inn is open to the public for stays of all kinds and we have been blessed by the many visitors who have stayed.

Get Involved

There is much to be done at the inn.  Support by way of donations, time, and resources are critical to its success.

Amenities & Attractions

The amenities and local attractions of the Lodestar Mountain Inn are the perfect blend of solitude and entertainment.

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