LMI Events

Pastors Retreats

Our selfless pastors have answered the Lord’s call and have vowed to put the needs of others ahead of their own.  It is imperative that we offer a place of spiritual renewal and restoration for the shepherds of the flock.  By hosting retreats that speak into the lives and hearts of ministers, we provide opportunities to find peace and rest, deepen relationships with spouses, refocus on ministries, spend time in fellowship and prayer with fellow pastors, or just be still and spend time alone with the Lord.  These retreats maintain a perfect balance of structure and free-time.  They include special guest speakers to provide inspiration and encouragement, Lodestar Guidance sessions to explore principles modeled by the great men and women of the Bible, group worship in the rustic Wesley Chapel, and other season-appropriate activities.

Please consider joining us for one of these special retreats and allow us to minister to you!  We encourage churches to show their appreciation for their pastors by blessing them and their spouse with this occasion. Click HERE for this year’s full events list and registration links.