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“use every available means to reach every available person”
-Steve Wingfield

Events in 2023

From Pastors Retreats to individuals seeking spiritual solace, events are continually taking place at the Lodestar Mountain Inn. General Event descriptions (by type) are available from the Events drop down menu at the top of this page. Below is a list of specific events planned for 2023. To go straight to our registration system to register for an upcoming event, click here.  Or, you may read additional details for specific events below. (Details for specific events are added during their registration period, and are available by clicking the blue hyperlink text. If you wish to register for an event prior to the open registration period, please click the link in this paragraph and let us know for which event you wish to pre-register!)

February 10
OneLife LMI Open House – Register HERE

February 10-12 – FULLY BOOKED*
Getaway Weekend – Valentines Day

March 10-12
Getaway Weekend – Highland County Maple Festival

March 24
OneLife LMI Open House – Register HERE

March 24-26
Victory Weekend Veterans Retreat

April 11-13
Pastors Retreat

April 21-23
Spring Getaway Weekend

May 5-7
OneLife Graduation Weekend

June 23-25
Getaway Weekend

July 21-23
Victory Weekend Veterans Retreat

September 5-7
Lodestar Guidance Business Retreat

September 15-17
Getaway Weekend – Treasure Mountain Festival

September 19-21
Pastors Retreat

September 29 – October 1
Victory Weekend Veterans Retreat

October 13-15
Getaway Weekend

October 20-22
Getaway Weekend

November 10-12
Victory Weekend Veterans Retreat

* NOTE: FULLY BOOKED events will be marked as such when filled. You many still register for a FULLY BOOKED event in order to request placement on a Standby List in case of cancellation.