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Lodestar Guidance Business Retreats

Lodestar Guidance is leading the way in teaching the principles and characteristics needed to radically impact our world.  Throughout the year, we welcome those yearning to explore personal growth and development to Leaders Retreats that are sure to be a vital part of professional and personal lives.  These retreats focus on the principles that are paramount to being a great leader and include occasions for group discussions as well as self-reflection.  Successful leaders who have invested in their teams through character development are featured as guest speakers and will leave you inspired and motivated.  In addition, there are plenty of opportunities built into these retreats for exploring the great outdoors, relaxing on the porch as the sun sets behind the mountain and the stars appear in the vastness of the night sky, observing the deer and other wildlife that share the retreat center grounds, or fellowshipping with other guests in the comfort of the Ebenezer Event Center.

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