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Volunteer Your Time

Do you desire to leave your fingerprints on a ministry that will change lives, revitalize pastors, and help rehabilitate people who have been beaten up by this world? The Lodestar Mountain Inn will be a beacon of hope for anyone who visits the tranquil peace of God’s artisanship. Wingfield Ministries, Inc., is looking for individuals called to become the hands and feet of Christ.

We ask you to prayerfully consider volunteering your time and effort at the Lodestar Mountain Inn. Volunteering opportunities would include construction, cutting firewood, general clean up, and landscaping. Any help we receive would go a long way in leaving a legacy for future generations. A place where those in need can be still and seek the Lord, growing closer to the One who loves them. Please click on one or more areas of interest below to let us know how you might be interested in serving!


Sponsorship opportunities

  • Veterans
  • Pastors
  • First Responders


Reasons to Donate

  • New construction
  • OneLife gap year program
  • Further the vision


(To Sign Up, Click on Interest Areas Above)

  • Landscaping
  • Cutting firewood
  • Event prep/cleanup