(February 1, 2023) Not only did January 1 usher in a brand-new year, but it began the first full year of an aggressive ministry schedule at the Lodestar Mountain Inn.  From the OneLife gap year program to getaway weekends, and from veterans retreats to pastors retreats, the sunrise in Upper Tract, West Virginia, is a little brighter each day as God’s favor and blessing are shining brightly throughout the Smoke Hole Canyon.

After years of praying, planning, construction, and more praying, the Lord has commissioned us to be shepherds of this amazing parcel of land and retreat center.  It is our earnest prayer that when people arrive, they are inclined to remove their shoes as they realize they are stepping on hallowed ground.

We urge you to routinely check the Events page and prayerfully consider being a part of any of the variety of events happening at the Lodestar Mountain Inn.