making a difference


“use every available means to reach every available person”
-Steve Wingfield

Events in 2022


From Pastors Retreats to individuals seeking spiritual solace, events are continually taking place at the Lodestar Mountain Inn. Below is a list of events planned for 2022. To register for an upcoming event, click here or select one of the links below.

January 14-16
Conference for Itinerant Evangelists

February 22-24
Pastors Retreat

March 11-13
Lodestar Mountain Inn Getaway Weekend

March 26
Workday at the Lodestar Mountain Inn

April 19-21
Pastors Retreat

June 17-19
Lodestar Mountain Inn Getaway Weekend

July 16
Lodestar Mountain Inn Volunteer Workday

OneLife Open House

October 14-16 (FULLY BOOKED)*
Lodestar Mountain Inn Getaway Weekend

October 21
OneLife Open House at LMI
(Clicking the link above opens OneLife’s website, where you can review details and/or Register to attend.)

October 21-23
Lodestar Mountain Inn Getaway Weekend

November 4-6
Lodestar Mountain Inn Veterans Appreciation Getaway Weekend

* NOTE: You many still register for a FULLY BOOKED event in order to request placement on a Standby List in case of cancellation.