(April 8, 2022) As you may have heard Steve say, we are witnessing a miracle at the Lodestar Mountain Inn.  God has certainly been orchestrating some amazing work.  You know that the Lord is in the center of it when things perfectly come together and obstacles are merely opportunities for God to demonstrate His sovereignty.

God is moving in the lives of His people, as many of you have left your fingerprints on several work projects on this glorious gift from the Lord.  While we celebrate what has been accomplished thus far, we understand and embrace that the job is not over.  From Veterans Retreats to Lodestar Guidance workshops, and from Pastors Retreats to the OneLife gap year program, we are striving to give everyone who steps foot on the retreat center the best possible experience, enabling them to have a meaningful and impactful time of rest and rejuvenation in the presence of the Lord.

You do not need to be the world’s greatest master craftsman to help in these efforts.  The only ability you need is availability.  If you are interested in volunteering or would like to form a working team to help in the numerous projects at the Lodestar Mountain Inn, please contact Scott Wenger at scott@lodestarmountaininn.com or call (540) 466-4204.