(March 15, 2023) It is our honor to welcome United States military veterans to the Lodestar Mountain Inn for a time to rest and recover.  Many of our selfless warriors have scars left behind from fulfilling their call to service and from defending life and liberty.  We hold numerous Victory Weekend retreats throughout the year for the men and women who have served our nation, and our next Veterans Retreat is on March 24-26, 2023.

Each Victory Weekend retreat is unique and provides hope and healing.  We have seen brothers and sisters in arms reunite after many years, witnessed the Lord beginning to rebuild a life that had nearly been destroyed, and watched as chains of addiction or depression were broken.  It is our desire that every veteran in need of a healing touch from the Lord has the opportunity to participate in one of these life-changing events.

The cost to attend the Victory Weekend Veterans Retreat, including meals and taxes, is $252.80 for individuals or $393.60 for couples. However, we never want to allow finances to be an obstacle to participation.  If you would like to show your appreciation for a veteran who has sacrificed so much for the freedom we all enjoy, please click here to learn how.