(April 15, 2023) We are less than one month away from the graduation commencement of our very first class of OneLife Institute students at the Lodestar Mountain Inn.  We are so proud of the work every student has put in to grow deeper in their faith.  These students proved time and time again that, because they are the next generation of leaders, there is still hope for America.

Why not encourage your graduating senior to consider taking a gap year to spend time developing Christ-like character and vigorously seeking the Lord and His perfect will for their life?  Smoke Hole Canyon in Upper Tract, WV, with its picturesque background, is the most beautiful classroom your child will ever enter!

The OneLife Institute allows students who have recently graduated high school to be a part of an impactful, alternative first year program.  Students will live at the Lodestar Mountain Inn in a Christ-centered community, learn lessons on practical evangelism, focus on what the Lord is calling them to, travel, and have numerous opportunities to serve others for a full nine-month, two-semester school year.  Students earn up to 30 college credits, and OneLife has partnered with some premier colleges and universities to offer OneLife alumni competitive scholarships.  Click here to learn more.