(April 22, 2022) You have probably read of events, reports, and testimonials about the beauty and spiritual impact of the Lodestar Mountain Inn over the past few years, but while written words can describe the imagery of this wonderful place of retreat, seeing is believing.  We invite you to plan a visit so you can take in the sheer awesomeness of the Lord’s creation.  There is not a moment in the day that is not breathtaking.  From the fog lifting from the valley as the sun rises to the wildlife awakening during the passing day, and from the peaceful serenity of a glorious sunset to the spectacular light show of stars against a dark backdrop, the Lodestar Mountain Inn is always camera-ready. 

The Lord is always present, always close.  We know our God is as real in the busiest of cities as He is in the remotest location, but there is something special about the quietness among nature that allows His voice to be amplified.  Come and experience all of this for yourself.