Lodestar Mountain Inn

Veterans Appreciation Getaway Weekend

November 4-6, 2022

Lodestar Mountain Inn Veterans Appreciation Getaway Weekend

Veterans and families of veterans are invited to join us in honoring those who have selflessly served our country at our Veterans Appreciation Getaway Weekend on November 4-6, 2022.  A patriotic, veteran-honoring theme will color the activities of this occasion.

Steve Wingfield will welcome guests and keep them captivated as he shares the remarkable story of how the Lord’s hand has been upon the Lodestar Mountain Inn from its inception and lays out the vision for this ministry center in the years to come.

On Saturday morning, a long-time military chaplain will deliver a special, veteran-oriented presentation.  The highlight of the weekend will feature a “thank you” lunch, which will include veterans from the surrounding area as we express our gratitude for them.  Following the celebratory lunch, we will offer tours of the property, or you can hike the trails, fish in the ponds or in the nearby South Branch of the Potomac River (WV Fishing License required), shoot skeet, or spend time relaxing and enjoying the cool, fall air while fellowshipping with other guests. In the evening, star gazing is a popular activity due to low “light pollution” in the Smoke Hole area. For a list of some optional offsite activities, please click here.

On Sunday morning, we will join together in praise and worship in the Wesley Chapel.  You are welcome to stay and enjoy the afternoon at the Lodestar Mountain Inn before departing for home.

The cost for this remarkable retreat, including meals and taxes, is $252.80 for individuals, $393.60 for couples, and $84.80 per child and is payable upon registration. Please note that we are seeking sponsorship donations to help cover this cost, but according to IRS regulations, we cannot guarantee sponsorship for a specific individual or couple. Any sponsorships received will be refunded equally to participants during the event, up to their payment amount. An additional $25 supply fee will be collected for skeet shooting.  To make your tax-deductible donation to help sponsor a veteran or veteran and spouse, please click here, or to register for this special Getaway Weekend, click here!  For more information, contact Scott Wenger at scott@lodestarmountaininn.com.