We were blessed with a great turnout to our first Veterans Retreat in May 2021 at the Lodestar Mountain Inn!  Read below for the original posting regarding this event.

(May 8, 2021) Next weekend is an important event in the life and mission of the Lodestar Mountain Inn – we are holding our first Veterans Outreach Retreat.  It will be an amazing weekend of pouring into the lives of selfless and brave individuals who served our country with honor.  During this ministry’s time of traveling to NASCAR venues and bringing Victory Weekend to the racing community, those moments when we purposefully paused to honor our military veterans and active duty personnel were ALWAYS a highlight of the weekend.  To see the emotion in the eyes of the patriotic men and women receiving a thunderous ovation by thousands in attendance was overwhelming.  In conversations afterward with those who received this gratitude, they would often admit that they had never felt so loved and appreciated.  The lack of love and appreciation they experience cannot be permitted any longer!  The Lodestar Mountain Inn was created to be a refuge where those who have been scarred physically, emotionally, or both, can go for healing through an encounter with the God who created and loves them.  Our military veterans chose to stand on the front lines in protection of us; it is now our turn to return the act.

Please be in prayer for this event.  May the Holy Spirit move in the lives of all who attend.