Twenty-two a day.  Do you know what this is referring to?  In the United States of America, on average, twenty-two military veterans per day will lose all hope and decide to commit suicide.  We believe that one is too many, but twenty-two is an epidemic and a travesty.  When services for our hero men and women fail, it is up to us to serve those who selflessly served us.

We are excited to welcome Pastor Jason Mueller to our team.  Jason is the founder and chaplain of Resiliency Among Warriors (R.A.W.).  Jason, a former United States Marine, is focused and determined to serve his brothers and sisters in arms in healing and finding hope as well as guiding these warriors to find their true purpose.  Jason will be holding many veteran events at the Lodestar Mountain Inn, and we pray that we can be a blessing and Godsend to those brave individuals who stood on the front lines for us all.