(November 11, 2019) An integral part of Lodestar Mountain Inn will be facilitating workshops and seminars based around the Lodestar Guidance leadership training program. Our dream is that the Lodestar Mountain Inn will be a place of rest and rehabilitation, as well as a place where men, women, and youth can be equipped with the tools essential to living a life of distinction and honor.

The Lodestar Guidance leadership training program can do just that. Using 48 proven and biblical principles, Lodestar Guidance will challenge and change the way you, your family, your team, or business think. Each principle is structured and laid out in a way that is practical and relevant. Citing biblical and historical references, Lodestar Guidance takes you on a journey of spiritual and mental growth, which can easily be applied to your daily life. Lodestar Guidance is revolutionizing the way we live and lead!

In our world today, you can find any number of fads that promise amazing results. From diet plans to financial strategies, many are desperately searching for ways to better their lives. With the Lodestar Guidance leadership training program, not only will your life be impacted, but also will the lives of those closest to you and those whom you depend upon.

Please visit lodestar-guidance.com to gain a further understanding of what Lodestar Guidance is, how it was started, and how it can benefit you. From board rooms, classrooms, and family rooms to fire and police departments and top businesses, Lodestar Guidance is making a difference in the world.