(November 1, 2021) On Saturday, October 16, 2021, we ushered in a new beginning – the official grand opening of the Lodestar Mountain Inn.  What was once a blank canvas blanketed by the natural beauty of the West Virginia mountains is now a glorious monument to the promises of the Lord.  As we welcomed friends to this joyous event, we saw the culmination of hard work, determination, sacrifice, and love over these past few years.  From the trucks delivering the first load of reclaimed barn lumber to those final acts of setting up the facility for the grand opening, so many people have left their fingerprints or their legacy on the generations of ministry that will occur in the Smoke Hole Canyon.  Ministry has already begun at the Lodestar Mountain Inn; we have held retreats for our beloved veterans, business retreats for Lodestar Guidance, as well as retreats for couples.  We have more retreats coming just over the horizon for our pastors to recharge and then for our veterans to heal.  Therefore, the Lodestar Mountain Inn was created for a time such as this, to give everyone an opportunity to escape from the noise and chaos of this world and spend uninterrupted and intentional time alone with the Lord to recover, refresh, and recharge.  We are eager to see what God has in store for this amazing ground, and we are excited for you to realize it with us.