(September 20, 2019) The Lodestar Mountain Inn in Smoke Hole, West Virginia, is progressing, and as every day passes we are another step closer to opening our doors. This “labor of love” is further proof that our God has a plan, and He alone is why this ministry has been witness to a miracle.

Every obstacle that has come before us was nothing more than a pebble in the road as the Lord has been moving and His almighty hand at work is in glorious display at this beautiful piece of West Virginia property. Currently, crews are diligently working to finish the interior of a log cabin home whose origins date back to the 1800s. We are thankful for this dedicated crew of artisans who have been faithful in their service to complete a project that will have a lasting impact for the Lord.

Recently, two friends of the ministry visited the Lodestar Mountain Inn for the first time and they were in awe of the awesome wonder and beauty of the land, as well as the buildings and the spiritual direction of the project. One of the men said, “I was expecting it [Lodestar Mountain Inn] to be nice, but this has exceeded my wildest expectations. The detail of the buildings and the amount of work is just amazing.”

After completion of the log cabin “bunkhouse,” our focus will shift to an event center that will be erected directly across from the bunkhouse. This will be the epicenter of the Lodestar Mountain Inn where, Lord willing, we will have the ability to reach and teach many for His glory.